People Involved: Mike K
Description: If you have any questions regarding this feel free to email mike at smart-dev dot com

md5 Force
People involved: John O'B.
Description: A scripts that cracks md5 strings
Download: Download

Smart Dev ASP App
People involved: Jason N.
Description: The Smart-dev asp App is an asp driven portal with forum,content,links,and user management
Version: 1.0
Download: Download

People involved: Michael G. (Senior Programmer), William Fogle (Assist Programmer)
Description: This program is designed to open individual mp3's or directorys of mp3's so that you can edit the ID3 tags of the songs. In addition, it will soon support plugins so that fixing ID3 tags can be automatic and easy to do for large mp3 archives. The ID3 tag of an MP3 holds all the information such as Artist, Title, Album, etc. This is version 0.01 and can only offer single file's.
Version: 0.01, Next Version 1.0
Progress: 1.0 is 40% done
Download: Download 0.01

Backup Utility
People involved: John A.
Description: Backup File and Restore File Utility developed on Java. You can get snapshot HERE
Download: Download

A_Chat - Chat Server
People involved: Alejandro
Description: Simple Chat server, run the server and then you can connect to it via telnet for now. Some features are being worked on, and a client. This is created on Visual C++
Version: 1
Download: Server | Client | Previous

GUESS - Gnu Ultra Easy SOCKS Server
People involved: Josh
Description: small SOCKS4 proxy server, for use on a trusted network. Allows only one connect at a time streamed. might allow more connections in future version depending on my, or other peoples needs.. Won't work with some instant messaging services.
Version: 0.2
Download: Linux | Windows

People involved: Mike
Description: It's another Port Scanner. Also made in C for linux and available for windows as well.
Status: Finished
Download: Linux | Windows

People involved: John O Brien
Description: Flat File Based Graffiti Wall Scripted in Php.
Status: Completed
Download: Download

People involved: Carter
Description: Scans a given host to identify web server and checks for vulnerable URLS.
Status: 100% Complete
Download: Download

Smart Bookmarks People involved: Michael
Description: Lets a user add bookmarks to a database, coded on php, upload it on your web server install it, and you can start adding users to use your webserver as their bookmark storage util.
Status: 100% Complete, updates will be worked upon
Download: Download



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