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August 07, 2006
Our friend Tyler R. is still working on our SmartCMS project, it's expected to be coming out soon, we will keep you posted.
August 07, 2006
Our free design templates page is back, so go ahead and visit it, and feel free to download any that you like. We will also be offering custom made designs for those of you who need help, so feel free to contact us
August 07, 2006
SDNnet Welcomes its newest member to the staff, Tyler E., our neighbor from Oklahoma, U.S.A. He's our design expert, he will be working with our graphics project section.

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Hello people of the world, we are still here, we haven't left, we've had alot of customers here lately that have got us tied up that we can't update the site. There will be no more of that cause now we have a web designer working for us. He will provide templates under the "Graphics Design" page. So if you need any web design contact us and will have you a professional made site with in no time.